Armorhero VS DNF - 2 Player (Couple Armor Hero)

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Armorhero VS DNF - 2 Player (Couple Armor Hero) Details
Description: Armorhero needs to save the human world from invasion of the DNF world monsters. Use 1st link to start 1 player action game. 2nd link starts 2 player action game. 3rd link is for player versus player (pvp) fighting game. 1P - WASD to move and jump, J to punch, K to kick, L to dodge, U for skill 1, I for skill 2, O for skill 3. 2P - Arrow keys to move and jump, 1 to punch, 2 to kick, 3 to dodge, 4 for skill 1, 5 for skill 2, 6 for skill 3.

Category: Action

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Rated 3.43/5 (23 Votes)

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