Ninja VS Zombies - Survive

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Description: Defeat endless waves of zombies, upgrade your weapons and unlock achievements in this fighter-platformer game! Ninja vs Zombies: Survive! is unique game combining the best aspects of platformer and fighter genre. You run, jump and perform acrobatic tricks like wall-jumps or mid-air jumps to dodge your enemies and defeat them with your mighty katana sword and shurikens. Game includes endless waves of zombies. The difficulty and amount of zombies increase over time. There are many types of zombies, from normal cannon-fodder zombies to powerful, tank-type fat zombies. Upgrade your sword and shurikens to deal more damage, your health to endure more damage and agility to run faster and jump higher. Complete 30 achievements (scrolls) to increase your starting gold and chance to survive the zombie apocalypse! INSTRUCTIONS *Arrow keys or WSAD to move and jump *Z or J to attack with sword *X or K to attack with shuriken *P to pause *Space to enter Shop

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